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Hunting game in Tyrol: multifaceted alpine wildlife

Marmots, impressive deer and chamois

An impressive and species-rich population of hunting game has established itself in the more than 3,100 ha large hotel hunting grounds at the foot of the Zugspitze. The animals have perfectly adapted to the alpine conditions – in the forest, on the mountain pastures or up high in the rock. Observe, marvel, learn with an experienced hunter!

The quiet location of the isolated Ganghof hunting grounds in Tyrol and the care by experienced hunters certainly contributed to the fact that the wildlife stock keeps its diversity and grows. Learn interesting facts about the various alpine creatures and thereby get ready for an exciting game observation.

Red deer: deer and doe – imposing hunting game in Tyrol

Let’s start off by killing a popular misconception: deer and doe belong together as do roe and roe buck. Deer and roe are not Bambi’s parents! The deer bellows drone powerfully through the autumn forests and meadows. After 32 weeks of gestation time, the offspring see the light of the Tyrolean mountain day.

Roe deer: shy beauties in the thicket of the Tyrolean conifers

Roe and roe deer are speedy, shy creatures, and yet they allow themselves to be observed from time to time. Roes in heat are less spectacular than deer; and baby deer are born from May to June.

Chamois: the swift rock-climbing champions of the hunting grounds in Tyrol

They can be observed on the steep rock walls of the Wetterstein: packs of chamois consisting of she-goats, fawns and younger animals. Older chamois bucks stand aside from the herd, maybe even to stay away from the ado of the smaller, boisterous chamois! The young and wild ones are born in May and June.

Capercaillie game: the capercaillie grouse, a rarity

Sweeping, unhindered mountain woods and larger areas with berry bushes are his favourite habitation. The black grouse only becomes full-grown at the age of 3, which is when he shows off all of his glory by spreading his plumage during courtship and making his distinctive “tok-tok-tok” sound.

Black grouse game: the black grouse, a rose cavalier

The edges of a forest and the mountain pasture regions are his home. The black grouse, which is about the size of a rooster, adorns himself in very special attire during courtship (May to June): helmet-like “roses” emerge in a wide-padded and red glowing manner – a very special spectacle!

Marmot: pretty smart game in Tyrol

Those hiking in the Tyrolean mountains can hear them before seeing them: the shrill warning whistles of the attentive marmots warn all the animals of danger. The “chuck” installs its lairs on treeless screes and mountain mattes. The larges males can weigh up to 8 kg! Young marmots are born from June to July.

Would you like to see the wildlife in Tyrol for yourself? Here you go: just take part in a game observation during your holiday at Hotel Sonnenspitze in Ehrwald. Send your non-binding reservation enquiry now!