Sometimes a visit to the sauna simply does not suffice. Especially if your body is suffering from tensions, caused by work or exercise, or if you simply want to treat yourself to some moments of happiness. That is the right time for a relaxing massage or treatment, providing lasting results. At Hotel Sonnenspitze our experienced spa team will pamper you with treatments tailored to your individual needs, with peaceful ambiance and soothing fragrances.

relaxing massages in Ehrwald
Classic Massage, Full-Body

The classic massage is relaxing and soothing for your body and soul. Tensions and painful conditions can be alleviated or even completely cured.

ca. 50 min for € 57,-  enquire now
with essential oil for € 59,-  enquire now
Classic Massage, Partial

Choose which part of your body shall be pampered with classical massage techniques to relax your muscles and ease tensions.

ca. 25 min for € 35,-  enquire now
with essential oil for € 37,-  enquire now
Relax Massage, Full-Body

Relax, let go and feel good! Simply enjoy the moment and restore your inner balance.

ca. 50 min for € 57,-  enquire now
with essential oil for € 59,-  enquire now
Relax Massage, Partial

Your legs are tired, your neck is hurting? We will treat you with our relaxing massage, according to your body’s individual needs. We will reduce muscle tensions. You can feel the relaxing effects.

ca. 25 min from € 35,-  enquire now
with essential oil from € 37,-  enquire now
Head Massage

We apply gentle massage techniques to your face, head and neck. The massage has especially soothing and harmonising effects on your whole body and can reduce stress.

ca. 25 minutes for € 35,-  enquire now
Reflexology Massage

Your feet reflect all other parts of the body. We will stimulate all organs, the lymphatic and nervous system by a reflexology massage, which provides positive effects.

ca. 25 min for € 35,-  enquire now
ca. 50 min for € 52,-  enquire now
Kids massage

A gentle massage with warm oil for little ones. Bookable from 3 to 12 years.

ca. 25 min for € 35,-  enquire now
specials, tailored to your individual needs
Special Massage

Perfectly tailored to the personal needs of your body, we pamper you with a soothing treatment of tense muscles to promote relaxation. According to your wishes we choose nutritional oils and provide an experience, enchanting your senses and nourishing your body.


ca. 60 min for € 63,-  enquire now
Hot Stone Therapy

The comprehensive energising treatment unfolds its effects by the use of warm basalt stones. Tensions are broken down and the energy system is reloaded. The circulation and lymph flow are also stimulated.


ca. 25 min for € 39,-  enquire now
ca. 80 min for € 98,-  enquire now
Mama Mia

This is a special time in your life, providing not only extraordinary happiness, but also demanding the extraordinary of your body. Therefore, you should take some time to relax with a nourishing face massage to restore inner balance and regain energy.

ca. 45 min for € 48,-  enquire now
Sports massage

A deep massage to relax the leg muscles and promote circulation. Special oils and a Tyrolean stone oil tonic are used.

ca. 25 min for € 38,-  enquire now
ca. 45 min for € 53,-  enquire now
holistic well-being

With careful touches and gentle strokes applied to the whole body, Abhyanga creates a strong feeling of comfort. It also has a cleansing, purifying and detoxifying effect. Warm and high-quality oils are applied.

ca. 50 min for € 63,-  enquire now
Upanahasveda (Back Massage)

This massage of the neck and the back area allows the energy to flow again and creates a pleasant and deeply relaxing effect. Boost your energy level and nourish body and soul.


ca. 25 min for € 38,-  enquire now
nourishment for body and soul
Lomi Lomi Nui

The traditional and unique Hawaiian massage is a ritual which uses touch, music, energy work and dynamic movements to create a truly unrivalled experience, different from normal massage. The therapist invests all of his/her energy into breaking down tensions and blockages in your body and restoring your inner balance.

ca. 80 min for € 98,-  enquire now
relaxation from head to toe
Sonnenspitz Trio

You want to do your body something good, ease your tensed muscles and relax while you are on holiday? This package includes three partial massages of 25 minutes each, at a discounted rate. You choose the perfect timing for your massages, to make them fit into your holiday adventure program.

3 x ca. 25 min for € 94,-  enquire now
Sonnenspitz Trio Special

We work over all the major areas of your body – from head to toe, in three full-body massages of 50 minutes each. This treatment reduces tensions in the muscles, improves circulation and makes you feel more balanced. Do yourself something good at a special rate!  

3 x ca. 50 min for € 156,-  enquire now
Focus Skin

Your skin is gently exfoliated with the exfoliating treatment of your choice, then massaged with nourishing almond oil. For soft, delicate, well-nourished skin, making you shine. Feel invigorated, fresh and relaxed.

ca. 60 min for € 75,-  enquire now
detoxifying treatments
Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle, circular and pulsating movements are used to stimulate the lymph flow. At the same time, the immune system is stimulated and activated. Particularly recommended for after pregnancy.

ca. 25 min for € 35,-  enquire now
ca. 55 min for € 67,-  enquire now

We gently exfoliate your skin, sloughing off dead and dry skin for more radiance, clarity and youthfulness. We treat your skin with a special oil-salt mixture, exfoliating and at the same time nourishing your skin with almond oil. Choose your favourite: salt, honey, stone pine or edelweiss.

ca. 30 min for € 37,-  enquire now
information on our treatments

We have designed our treatments to meet your individual health and beauty needs, to offer you utmost relaxation and feel-good moments. We tailor our massage techniques and the applied pressure according to your wishes, in tranquillity or with relaxing music. Please inform us about your wishes!


We ask you to be present about 10 minutes before the start of your treatment.

special needs

Please inform us if you suffer from any diseases or have special medical needs before the beginning of the session. Some treatments are not recommended if you suffer from certain diseases.


If you are not able to attend your massage, please let us know so we can offer the slot to another guest. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance, otherwise we have to charge the full price.


After the treatment we recommend relaxing in one of our relaxation rooms to enhance the effect.

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