a place for big dreams
16 sqm | 2P.
Double Room from € 123

A cosy and comfortable room for active guests. Our double room Thaya provides big dreams on little space.

32 sqm | 2 - 4P.
Double Room from € 140

Counting stars on the clear night sky through the roof window, before falling asleep in a cosy bed - on two floors.

24 sqm | 2 - 3P.
Tower Room
Double Room from € 123

Double room boasting special tower charm, featuring fascinating view and cosy ambience in traditional style.

19 sqm | 2P.
Double Room from € 135

Double room in Tyrolean style with perfect view of the mountains. To allow for holiday dreams and adventures.

25 sqm | 2 - 3P.
Double Room from € 158

Enjoy inspiring views from the panoramic windows and warm sunshine on the balcony of your double room.

38 sqm | 2 - 4P.
Double Room from € 177

The elegant chic of the modern Alpine style, featuring selected materials and designs with lovingly arranged details.

apartments to relax and unwind
45 sqm | 2 - 4P.
Apartment from € 189

The peaks of the Zugspitze and Sonnenspitze can be viewed from your apartment with separate living area.

48 sqm | 2 - 4P.
Apartment from € 189

A place to relax in style. The wooden furniture makes the room a perfect retreat for people suffering from allergies.

60 sqm | 4 - 7P.
Apartment from € 169

With an anteroom we combine two double rooms to create one apartment with enough space for families.

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