Dear guests and friends of Hotel Sonnenspitze!

Autumn is coming!

And as always autumn will provide magnificent, colourful views and, of course, a lot of culinary highlights, like the venison from our own hunting ground. From September 16th we pamper you with the best pieces of chamois, stag and roe deer meat.


Of course, we have implemented a stringent hygiene concept, to ensure a safe stay for our guests. We have also adapted our cancellation policy due to the current situation. So you can book your stay in Ehrwald without any worries.

Hotel Sonnenspitze, Zugspitze

We – the Pesendorfer family – share your passion. We are committed hunters with a great sense of responsibility. The well-being of the deer, living in our hunting ground on 3,200 hectares, always has priority for us. Therefore, we are especially glad, if we can show our guests at Hotel Sonnenspitze the diversity of the Alpine region with its beautiful and unique flora and fauna. We take you with us, to stalk red deer, roe deer, chamois and marmots in their natural habitat. 

The thrill of the chase.

For many the most beautiful place in the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena is the Igelsee hunting cabin, bearing the name due to the crystal-clear waters of the mountain lake in front of it. Enjoy the wonderful view from the hut together with friends, after your hunting or stalking trip. It is a place to chat about the experiences you have made, to laugh with the ones you love, and top-off the day. In the comfortable atmosphere of the sun terrace you take in the fascinating panorama and savour a traditional Tyrolean „Jause“. The hut is only open upon request at Hotel Sonnenspitze.

The little hunting lodge in the forest’s heart, seems to come straight from a fairy-tale. Surrounded by the majestic treetops of the conifers, nestling in nature – bearing all shades of green – the little hunting lodge is a cosy meeting place for small groups. Here you can spend sociable time after a hiking tour, after watching deer or after hunting. Upon request at Hotel Sonnenspitze we open the lodge and serve drinks and food to you and your friends.

Becoming a hunter in Austria also includes learning about nature, the connection between plants, animals and humans. Both, Helmut and Daniel Pesendorfer, gladly share their knowledge about the diversity of nature in the Ganghofer hunting grounds. Also, our younger guests like to look out for the tracks of deer or the shy animals themselves. And if no doe or marmot shows up, you do best in admiring the fascinating mountain scenery.

Also, the killing of the deer is part of the work of a hunter. In the Ganghofer hunting grounds on the foot of the Zugspitze we are responsible for keeping up a healthy population of wildlife stock. Therefore, we also gladly invite experienced hunters, to get to know the nature in the Alpine region. If you are interested, we also offer the possibility of hunting yourself. Please let us know about your wishes as soon as possible, as some certificates and documents are needed to arrange for it. We will take care of everything in advance.

Both directors of Hotel Sonnenspitze, Helmut and Daniel, are experienced hunters and therefore, it is one of their aims to preserve the beauty of nature in their home country and take an active part in preserving it. You will get an inside view of the wildlife stock of the Ganghofer hunting grounds, when taking part in a stalking trip. You will also taste for yourself, that venison tastes best, if it comes directly from region’s forests. Your hosts will gladly give you tips for visiting a hunting lodge, for stalking and hunting.

We know what we are talking about and gladly share our knowledge on a hunting or stalking trip.

We know what we are talking about and gladly share our knowledge on a hunting or stalking trip.

We know what we are talking about and gladly share our knowledge on a hunting or stalking trip.

We know what we are talking about and gladly share our knowledge on a hunting or stalking trip.

We know what we are talking about and gladly share our knowledge on a hunting or stalking trip.

Hunting holidays in Ehrwald

You can start directly from the hotel – by foot or with an all-terrain vehicle – to reach the starting point of your adventure or the raised hides for wildlife watching or hunting. You can also enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery while waiting for the deer to show up.

Red deer

In autumn it sometimes sounds especially wild in our forests and meadows. At dusk you should be quiet and listen carefully, then maybe you will hear the characteristic bellow of the deer, by which they establish their dominance to conquer the females.  

Roe deer

The roe is a speedy and shy creature, and became famous by the movie “Bambi”. Elegantly they jump through the forest and you have to look quickly and attentively to be able to observe one. But sometimes they allow themselves to be seen, while browsing in tranquillity.


Many climbers and hikers learn their lessons from the unflinching rock climbers. But only few humans can rival the swift and skilled champions on the steep rock walls of the Wetterstein. Yet observing the chamois herd in their natural habitat is definitely worth-while. 


In the time of courtship of the black grouse, you can hear the distinctive, guttural “Tok-tok-tok” in the woods. Those, who have heard it once, will never forget about it. And those, who have watched him spreading his plumage proudly will always admire this beautiful wild animal.


The active hikers of the Alpine region know the shrill warning whistles of the marmots, and keep their eyes open, when hearing it. Because often you will be able to see them: standing upright while looking out for danger, ready to warn the others, or playing on the meadows and on the rocks.

Hunting prices

Wildlife watching and stalking is not enough for you? As an experienced hunter you also want to shoot one of the impressive animals? We make it possible at Hotel Sonnenspitze in our Ganghofer Jagd hunting ground. From deer to chamois and marmot, find all prices and important information here.

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